Random 20

Tagged by , I offer the following 20 random things about me:

  1. I am not a morning person, unless being up until three AM on a regular basis counts.
  2. I read a lot. Want proof? My bookblog is at Zenitopia.com.
  3. I don't speak fluent Italian, but when I speak Spanish, I do it with an Italian accent.
  4. A part of me still wants to live in 1920's Paris.
  5. I'm a sucker for old movie musicals. Especially when they include Danny Kaye.
  6. I have an art supply fetish, but I don't know how to draw.
  7. I don't like used books – they smell funny.
  8. And yet, I appreciate it when a friend gives me one of her old books, because I know I've been given a personal treasure.
  9. I really don't drink as much coffee as I let people think I do. I've even cut my Starbucks visits to once or twice a week.
  10. I can't sleep with the bedroom door open.
  11. I love cool shoes, but I live in flip-flops and sneakers.
  12. My favorite pen, for every day use, is the Sarasa retractable roller ball, in navy blue. If it came in fine-point I'd be deliriously happy.
  13. I don't like to write much any more (as in actually write, with a pen, not as in compose pieces of writing), because carpal tunnel has caused my handwriting to deteriorate so much that I'm embarrassed.
  14. Last night, I bought two Silhouette novels for 'research' purposes. I want to write one.
  15. My favorite ice cream flavors are macapuno (it's a kind of coconut) and green tea – not together, though.
  16. I don't like animation.
  17. I love radio plays. I think they make the listener use their imagination to enhance the experience.
  18. I love movies and books about storms, sharks, ships, and the sea.
  19. As much as I miss living in a more urban environment, I'm sort of glad I don't.
  20. I fantasize about buying an island and starting my own country, but really, I'd rather live in a small coastal village with good coffee and a great bookstore. Someday…

I've been told to tag people, but I'm not into that, so, if you wanna do this, go ahead. :)

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