Chocolate Cake

While Fuzzy sat and watched the usual Friday evening Sci-Fi Channel fare, and I listened to it, catching glimpses now and then, I also mixed and chopped, beat and blended, stirred, and smoothed, adding vanilla here and half a cup of Ghirardelli ground cocoa powder there, until finally, there was a chocolate cake with chocolate-walnut filling, and chocolate frosting, a belated birthday dessert for my favorite guy.

Somewhat ironically, we did not manage to eat any of it last night, but will have its flavor to anticipate all day, while we drive a rescued dog part-way home.

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LiveJournal, Linking, and Katrina

Saw this in ' LJ:

Javier Grillo-Marxuach (), writer and supervising producer of LOST, and all-around excellent person) will donate $5.00 to the American Red Cross Katrina relief efforts for every person who links to his post.

Just link to him, then comment in his post that you linked.

Link Here:

(And for the record, Martha Wells writes really cool sci-fi/fantasy novels and you should all buy her books. :) )