Beautiful Joyful Amy

Amy of BeautyJoyFood is hosting a collection of NOLA-themed blog entries (well, links to them, anyway), in an effort to help increase donations to the Red Cross (see banner), in the wake of Katrina. I think it's pretty cool of her to put her blog to use that way, and would like to encourage folks to go to the roundup post and either submit their own entries, or just read the existing contributions.

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Half-Heard Thoughts (100 Words)
Half-watching â“ I was reading, and mainly listening to the show – Charlie Rose last night, I heard a Southern author say that while a rebuilt New Orleans can never be the same as the previous incarnation, change of some kind is inevitable â“ the pre-Katrina version of the city is not the same city as the 2004 or 1994 version, but the differences are more subtle, and came more slowly, and without such drama.

None of this is meant to make light of the situation, but, I think itâ™s a perspective worth considering, and a notion that is laced with hope.

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