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Double Rainbow

On our evening stroll tonight, Cleo sniffed all the storm-drenched stuff her little doggy nose could find, at one point attempting to roll in what looked like (but probably was not) an innocent pile of fallen leaves.

Zorro was not as interested in sniffing, though he did leave 'messages' at almost every corner and alternating trees. Mostly, he was happy to bound through the damp grass of our park, his tail curled in happy-dog mode.

As we rounded the corner onto our block, I looked up at the sky, and saw a double rainbow, with a flock of birds flying the arc between the two. Alas, the camera was at home.

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This afternoon, I left the cozy lamplit living room to stand outside in the rain and merge my soul with the elements. It was not so much a downpour as a multidirectional misting, with occasional streams of conventional rain, and it would have been lovely encased in the sliding glass and tiles of a shower stall, though there was something special about such bliss descending from above, as well.

For the first time since summer began, the air was cooler after the rain than before, and I smiled about that, as well, and took the dogs for a pre-dinner walk.

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