The power outage in Los Angeles earlier today knocked my webhost off the planet. Truly, they did a great job of bringing things back, but I was without email for the bulk of the day, and blogless until about 12 minutes ago.

I never realized how many minutes are devoted to blogsurfing, until I lost access to my blogroll.

Truly, having a husband who works in the industry helped – he explained how I could be certain the problem was THEM and not ME, and then reminded me of what was really wrong. It's stuff I sort of know anyway, but I don't use the information on a daily basis, so I tend to forget details.

The worst part of the day? The last ninety minutes when I could ftp into my site and SEE the files, but apache hadn't been started, so there was no actual web access.

Despite this, I still love DreamHost to bits.

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