Letter from a Friend

I’m listening to Blues Traveller on Napster, and this song came one. The lyrics have nothing to do with the subject of this entry, but the title is appropriate, so I’m borrowing it.

First, though, here’s a picture of the OTHER desk in my office. It’s an antique writing desk that my mother bought for $400 at a garage sale about 10 years ago, and I inherited when she moved to Mexico.

Writing Desk
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This is where I keep stamps and stickers, and have an entire drawer (under the fold-out table part of the desk) devoted to greeting cards.

The drawers aren’t visible, but the drawer-pulls are daisies. I think that’s a really cool touch. The calendar on the wall is, in fact, a Winnie-the-Pooh calendar, a gift from my godmother to my inner child.

Also evident in this picture is proof of my total geekiness – yes, it’s true – I watch TNG while I’m working in the afternoon, even though I’ve seen every episode many (many, many) times.

The darkness in this image is due to my camera flash deciding not to work, and the fact that I left the desklamp turned on, but I kind of like the moodiness.

But back to the letter from a friend bit, I received one earlier this week, from a friend in NZ, and in it was an entire page (newspaper page) of boots and shoes. It totally made me smile.

One thought on “Letter from a Friend

  1. This is a complete aside, only brought up by the fact you mentioned Blues Traveler. It has nothing to do with your post.

    One of the guys from Blues Traveler likes to go into Carl’s store. He walks right over to the music section and heads for the ‘B’s. He then goes to one of the sellers and asks, “Do you have any Blues Traveler?” They say, “No, but we can order it for you. Would you like us to?” He says, “No.” and walks out.

    He does this around once a month.

    Pretty sad, isn’t it?

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