It took us all weekend of nattering back and forth to finally figure out when and where to see Batman Begins. It was playing every half hour at the theater less than a mile from our house, but that theater doesn't have stadium seating. Finally we decided to drive into Dallas (MapQuest said it was a 29-minute drive, but we did it in 20) for the 10:40 PM show at the IMAX theater, thinking it would be a reasonable choice on a Sunday evening. We got there about an hour early, and were about 15th in line…ended up with center back row seats (no, no annoying vents making noise), and it was quite comfy. There were two children under the age of five in the theater though, and while they were well-behaved, especially considering the time and their ages, I still think this was a questionable choice of film for a child that young.

The movie itself? Quite enjoyable. Christian Bale rocks my world, Katie Holmes was bearable, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are always good, and Rutger Hauer's appearance was nicely done. Gary Oldman as Gordon threw me for a bit, but then the popcorn hit my blood stream and I bought it. Liam Neeson…well, he has wonderful eyes, even if he isn't really cast well in this part. I didn't HATE him, but he could have done better.

The sets were really cool, and I'm glad I read the free 'zine they hand out at the theater so I knew what influences to look for. The script was full of wonderful quotable lines, and nice moments of humor to undercut the darkness just a little.

I'm half-disappointed that there are no previews on the IMAX cuts of major films, but otoh, they started it on time, at 10:40, and we left while the credits were still rolling, and it was 1:03 AM on the car clock when we got in.

Tired, but pleased.
Bed now.

(And you can all faint at me posting here directly, and not to the blog, but it doesn't FIT in the blog.)

All Hail the Birthday Girl

It's 's birthday, and has been all day, and I'm a horrible friend, because even though I knew that, I got so focussed on a project that I FORGOT to wish her a happy birthday. As someone who REVELS in celebrating her own birthday, this is doubly horrid.

ANYWAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY , I hope there was cake.

Bookishness (Part II)

I looked at and another cataloguing program called Collectorz, and have decided that the latter is more what I want, first because it supports the Symbol Spark barcode scanner that Fuzzy 'liberated' from his office, and second because it has support for comic books, dvds, and cd's as well as normal books.

(I tested the latter by downloading the free trial, and it likes my scanner just fine, which is always helpful.)

I suspect that with these programs, as with pretty much everything it all comes down to YMMV.