In My Room

A while ago I mentioned my green glass desk, and a few people wanted pictures. Below is an offering, from a couple of days ago. It’s taken without flash, so that I could get the trees beyond the window, which means it may be kind of murky if your brightness isn’t turned way up.

MissMeliss's Desk
Click photo for larger image.

So, there’s where I work, and where I write, but not generally where I blog, as I tend to do that from my laptop, in bed. *sigh* I suppose this means I have to take a picture of the laptop propped on pillows now, too.

Speaking of pillows, Cleo and Zorro are both curled up in the space where Fuzzy’s pillow generally resides (I’m using his pillow as my laptop holder tonight). I’ve just finished a glass of lovely syrah, and some pepperoni pizza, and tonight’s episode of ER, and am now watching Better than Chocolate on the Independent Film Channel, and thinking about editing the article I just finished.

Today was one of those days where I know I accomplished things but still feel as though I got nothing done.

Tomorrow the pool repair guys come.

I am so ready for the weekend.

2 thoughts on “In My Room

  1. Yay! Thank you. It looks like a wonderful office. Expect a happy Muse in the next few days. Bless you.

  2. Is that a modded PC or does it just have something leaning against it Melissa?
    Dunno why, but I always had you down as a Mac user.

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