I tossed and turned all night, my head filled with thoughts, ideas, notions, and various images that begged to be explored, finally falling asleep just as the sun was coming up and the birds were stirring from sleep.

Birdsong makes a lovely lullabye.

I was in bed, and checking email, at 12:30 this afternoon, got up, did some work, played with the dogs, thought about bathing them, didn’t bathe them, and had a tuna sandwich on toasted tomato-basil bread before realizing that sometimes the One Productive Thing for the day doesn’t have to come until the end.

I made teriyaki chicken and broccoli with soy and wasabi, and we ate while watching 99% of the tivo’d Gilmore Girls episode, missing the very last two lines because it ran over by a minute, and tivo didn’t pick that up.

But I read online spoilers that revealed the missing lines and I’m eagerly awaiting October, and the aftermath.

I came back upstairs to find ants swarming my keyboard – I hate ants. I detest ants. LOOKing at ants makes me itchy all over. So I’ve spent the last hour removing every key from my keyboard, cleaning all the crevices with windex-doused cotton-swabs, and putting it all back together.

Oddly, the computer booted faster with a clean keyboard.

It’s only 11:30, but my body is telling me SLEEP, and I am going to answer, even forgoing a vintage shark movie on TCM.

Because the thing is, even though I’m still in a good mood, I feel as if I’ve really been asleep all day.