Somewhat ironically, even though I’m trying to cut our expenses by eating at home more (we eat out far too often), I have been buying bread from Panera instead of the grocery store, and it’s more expensive than our usual Orowheat 12-grain, but it’s also fresher, and the loaves are larger. Plus it makes me happy.

Today’s purchases were tomato-basil bread (great for sandwiches) and the stuff they call “French” bread (not to be confused with a baguette), which is a buttery white bread designed to be toasted.

(Those who know me will no doubt raise their eyebrows at the notion of white bread entering my home, but be assured, this is white bread in the way that a brioche is white bread, not in the way that that Wonder-bread stuff is white bread.)

My flash-fiction exercise for this week (250 words with the title “Punk”) can be found at my new fiction site, The direct link to just that piece is here.

It’s been a lazy, rainy weekend, and somehow it’s fitting that just as the long weekend ends the clouds have broken, and we have a clear sky to watch the sunset in.