T3: Light or Dark

Onesome: Light– Light chocolate or dark chocolate? …or no chocolate at all?

Dark, dark, dark. The darkest possible. My favorite thing about France was that every cup of espresso came with a tiny bit of chocolate noir – 70% cocoa dark chocolate. Bliss!

Twosome: or–Yeah, easy stuff this week Coffee with cream or black as night? Or maybe: colas or clear sodas? …or just water, thank you?

Coffee! Strong enough to kill a spoon, with milk (I don’t like the texture of cream), and two packets of Equal. Or, if I’m being completely sinful, a venti all-caramel syrup (no vanilla), extra-caramel (sauce) quad shot macchiato.

Threesome: Dark– Light-colored clothing or dark clothes? Which do you prefer to wear? Angel to goth, we’re curious?

I wear a lot of black, but I mix it with either vivid colors or icy pastels – jewels and sherbets, you know? I LIKE black. It goes with everything. But I’m not a goth, or anything.

2 thoughts on “T3: Light or Dark

  1. Expresso with a bit of chocolate on the side. I have started to add espresso to our regular coffee every morning and it tastes perfect. Can’t stand wishy washy coffee, but I have been missing the chocolate. Tomorrow, comes the chocolate!


  2. God, that was chocolate in it? I wept quietly when I had my first cup of coffee after mooching in Paris. I want my cafe noir so bad. I want it noooow!

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