Sitting at my kitchen table tonight, sharing a cheese omelette with my husband, and watching the dogs as they valiantly begged for food (and received none), I noticed the way the light seemed to glow against the wood of the table, noticed the way the tile floor has become, not cold, but welcoming, restful.

We listened to A Prairie Home Companion, broadcasting from Duluth, MN, tonight, and I chuckled softly at the Guy Noir sketch, which included snippets of a tv-show called Lutheran Makeover (featuring clear nail polish, hand lotion, and chapstick).

Keillor’s show, tonight, was a gentle one, wistfully nostalgic, and even cozier than usual. It hit all the right notes for the first show after the Christmas season, and set a nice tone for the coming year.

As for my own coming year, I’m not sure what it will bring. I’m exploring new directions, and new options, and opening myself to ideas I’d previously dismissed as being irrelevant to my life.

For the moment, though, I can sit back, and sip my coffee, and smile into the cold night sky, for I have a lovely home, two cuddly dogs, and a husband who loves me, and puts up with me, and I am content.