Unexpexted Gifts

I’ve had a few comments recently from people I don’t actually “know,” – people who aren’t RL friends or long-time net friends, or bloggers I’ve been reading for ages, and I have to say that each of these comments has been a wonderful gift.

A trackback ping from Liz led me to her blog, and I’ve discovered a woman who has a lot of the qualities I’d like to enhance when I’m a bit older. (Just a bit, because age is becoming less and less important as I inch toward 35 and 40).

And Jexia left a response in my livejournal that made me giddy for over an hour, just because it was so delightful, as well as her comment here.

They are not the only two, of course, just the two who are most prominent in my mind at this minute. In fact, every comment is a gift, of sorts, even the ones that are just a smilie, or a virtual hug. It’s not so much validation, as a sense that we bloggers are a sort of community.

And that’s really cool.