Earth and Sky

Today we celebrated Earth Day by doing lawn maintenance. This may not seem like much, and you could, I suppose, call us dandelion murderers, but Fuzzy mowed and edged both lawns, and pulled the dandelions from the area around the monstrous play structure we never use and have never bothered to remove or replace.

Truly, he did a lot, especially for a computer geek who generally only glimpses the sky through cracks in the miniblinds, or car windshields.

As for me, I had the easier, if more hunched over, job of weeding the front flower box, pruning the rosebushes, and cutting back the calla lilies and bloomed out bulbs. I’m all itchy but I haven’t been outside enough, and this was good for me, and the garden. I saw some lady bugs, which made me smile, and some termites, which did NOT.

It was a lovely day, and I was sorely tempted to jump in the pool, but it wasn’t quite warm enough for that. Or rather, it was, but there haven’t been enough consecutive days with a warm enough temperature to make the pool water warm enough for swimming, though sitting on the edge with my feet in the water was great.

So, we’re both in our offices for the evening, puttering, and pausing now and then for smoochy breaks. And I’ve just turned on the two thirds of the front sprinklers (there isn’t enough water pressure to do all three sections at once), and in four minutes, I’ll go turn them off, and turn the others on. Meanwhile, it’s just breezy enough that the water is blowing across the lawn, and if I turn my head toward the window the cool water mists toward me, and smells like summer rain.

Unconscious Mutterings

Week of 18 April 2004

  1. Virginia:: Ginny
  2. Soft:: as feathers, sharp as thumbtacks…
  3. Carol:: Channing
  4. Vanity:: Fair
  5. Feminist:: Mystique
  6. Alias:: Spy
  7. Coward:: Noel
  8. Beer:: Lime
  9. Chance:: Monopoly
  10. Honest:: sincere