I’d planned to cook a roast tonight, but it was still rock solid when I got home, so we went with plan b – pasta primavera. I forgot to add the salt and pepper, but other than that it was good. Asparagus, mushrooms, zucchini, onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes, a little cream, a little cheese, and some herbs. (As I was sittng here recounting this I realized I also forgot the peas and carrots. Oh, well.)

We used spinach fettucini, and the vibrant veggies on the green pasta were tranquil and springy, healthy, and delicious, aided by the cool evening breeze and lovely conversation.

Roasts aren’t so important.
And there’s always tomorrow.

T2: Sleep


1. Side of the bed: Left or Right?
Slightly left of center. Fuzzy jokes that I allow him only 1/8th of the bed. I respond that he gets 7/8 of the covers.

2. Sleep with or without covers?
I like covers, I like the weight of them. If there were a way, in summer, to have the weight of blankets without the heat, I’d do it. I always start the night under some kind of covers, but I sleep best with one foot exposed to the air.

3. Sleep with or without night light?
No light, just white noise. And moving air. Even in winter.

4. Deep or light sleeper?
Light when I’m falling asleep, deep once I’m finally there.

5. More annoying to be awoken by: alarm or phone call?
Phone calls, absolutely. The alarm is expected, and therefore less annoying.

Questions from The Tuesday Twosome.