T3: Goodie Two Shoes

::Goodie Two Shoes::

Onesome: Goodie– What is your your favorite “goodie” you treat yourself to when you’ve finished a project or maybe even just survived a long day? Ice cream? …a long bath? …a good book?

Books aren’t a goodie, they’re a requirement. New pens, I guess, or new music.

Twosome: Two– Quick! Two things that make you smile! No thinking, just write!
My dogs

Threesome: Shoes– …and how about your favorite pair of shoes? You know, the ones you look for an occasion to wear! (Yes, guys that ratty pair of tennis shoes does count…)
I recently bought a pair of rubber thongs with really thick soles, and a bit of a wedge shape. They’re ugly as sin, really, and were a whopping $7 at Target, but I love them. They’re so comfortable, and they make my feet look damned sexy.

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One thought on “T3: Goodie Two Shoes

  1. I adore pens and pencils. Always hankered after a Mont Blanc but made-do with Sheaffer and A+W. Fountain pens with black ink were pretty much de rigueur back in the day when I was a total pen snob. Though it is said that blue ink is more restful and easy on the eyes, black seemed ideally classic to me. Now my passion is cheap mechanical pencils. I love the idea of having an eraser though I don’t use it all that much. It fits my indecisive personality far better than indelible black ink.

    One of my other great comforts (vices) was coffee mugs.

    Nothing like a new pair of shoes that fits well to raise the spirits…with the possible exception of new socks. What a pleasure to slip them over your toes, covering the sole and instep all the way up to the ankles, maybe a reminder of the coziness to be found in a one-piece Dr. Denton’s were it not for that disquieting back flap. Delicious simple pleasures.

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