No Canada.

Not for me anyway.

My workload is such that I'm not going tag along with when he leaves on Saturday after all. But it's not all bad, really. For one, I'll have a weekend to putter in the garden, which I've been meaning to do, and never gotten around to. So I can do things like clean the grill and the hot tub, and stuff.

And then, I'm still taking a summer vacation. A friend of Fuzzy's from college told us over the weekend that he's getting married July 5th in Minneapolis, and really, if I'm going to have vacation time, I'd rather miss work for a friend's wedding than a business trip. Besides, one of my dreams has been to spend a night at the Nicolette Island Inn, so maybe we'll get to do that, this time.


Work's insane. It's a good kind of insane. And I really like the guys I work with, but I sort of miss being able to MUSH in the afternoons, and I can't do much more than lurk right now, and I /hate/ lurking.

Oh, well.
Time to do a Good Faith Estimate for a guy in Southern California.