Perpetual Exhaustion

It's nearly three am, and while I could use the excuse that I'm up this late solely to leave a wee-hours witticism in [em I am]'s OD, the truth is that I'm too tired to sleep.

Am I the only person who gets this way?

When I stumbled into the house at 10:00, after a long day at work (productive, but too long), I could easily have slept the night through, if I'd just gone directly to bed. But I didn't do that. Instead, I checked email, chatted with a couple friends, checked MUSH-mail, thought about RPing (decided I was too brain-dead to be coherent), made a late-late dinner and got wrapped up in watching The Patriot on DVD with Fuzzy, and now am sitting here after reading a chapter of a novel called Last Chance Saloon while in the bathroom. (Hey, at least I multi-task.)

And now I'm sitting here, babbling to an online journal that probably no one will read anyway, and wondering if I am, in fact, a note whore, or if I'm just in a deadly dull period.

(As I wrote that last paragraph, I suddenly flashed on the Doldrums section of The Phantom Tollbooth)

Things I accomplished today:
-Submitted two loans
-Submitted conditions on two other loans
-Ordered docs on three loans
-Called out an approval on the purchase loan for my own client
-Sent 17 appraisals to the borrowers who paid for them, as their loans have closed.
-Watched a movie we rented from over eight weeks ago.
-Learned that Zorro and Cleo are just as fond of lime tostitos as I am.
-Fed-ex'd the bank draft for the rental house in France to the homeowners, in England.
-Received the funding check on my very first loan origination.

Things I need to do tomorrow:
-Submit, submit, submit (Loans. Submit Loans.)
-Laundry. Especially as Fuzzy's leaving at dawn on Saturday, and is out of whites.
-Reserve a car for him in Toronto (I'm not sure why this is my job, but apparently, it is.)
-Cancel the dog sitter, and arrange, instead, for regular service where she walks both dogs during the afternoon 2x/week, since we're working insane hours and can't, always.
-Order the books my mother asked me to order two weeks ago. Not that there's a rush. She won't be here till July.
-Pick up the book I special-ordered at B&N (Thanks to for the recommendation)
-Mail a long overdue Book Group book to Editor Plus
-Set up a new server at the office, because the machine currently acting as server is dying a painful death.
-RP, if I get home early enough
-Send a birthday present to Moonness@OD

But I need to sleep in order to have the energy to do anything, and I should've slept last night, but was up till four because I was wired, even though I was exhausted. I've cut way back on caffeine, and I'm trying to avoid antihistamines, and still I'm not sleeping in hours that were normal for me.

Actually, this morning, both Fuzzy and I slept through the alarm, which is – pardon the pun – alarming, because that thing can be heard blocks away. Usually.


I think I'm back in the sleep zone. I'm going to go find out.

Sweet dreams? I'll let you know.