About LJ. . .(My responses)

1. How did you find LiveJournal?
– The person who introduced me to OpenDiary was the same person who brought me here, during one of OpenDiary's then-frequent outages. Said person was Moonness (edited to include this information, because someone was complaining that I didn't.)

2. Did you start a journal as soon as you found the site, or did a period of time elapse between your arrival and starting your own?
– I started a journal immediately, but only posted one entry. Then OD was working again, so I returned to my original journalling “home.” I came back here after reading an essay on 's web page, and following links to her LJ, and to 's. I stayed because the two communities are vastly different.

3. What made you start your journal? Did you have a purpose?
– One of my fantasies is to write a column, so I tend to use my online journals more for writing practice than anything else. More often, lately, I've rambled about day-to-day stuff, but I always feel boring and silly when I do.

4. Why do you continue writing? Have your reasons for keeping a journal changed?
– Still writing practice, and also for the discipline. I tend to write more essayishly than bloggishly so I have a personal goal of at least three entries a week.

5. How long did it take for you to figure out how to link to another journalist?
– showed me how. He taught me about cut tags, too, but I hate them. I'm sorry. I just do. I actually do try to remember to use them when I think something is long. Really. I do.

6. Have you always had one journal, have you deleted one and started another, or do you keep multiple journals?
– I have one main LJ and another that is solely for my LASIK foo, because I wanted all of that in one place, and wanted to avoid squicking people, including my husband, who wouldn't even watch the video with me.

7. Whether you still have your first, original journal, or if you've gone through multiple journals, who are the livejournal friends you've known longest?
– Moonness, who once went by some other name, but no longer posts here, and who never writes often enough are the two who go back the furthest, because I knew them from OD before coming here.

8. Out of all the entries you've written, which one is your favorite? And what entry have you written that sticks out in your memory the most?
– I don't have a favorite. The ones I'm most proud of are the same entries that get no comments, though, interestingly, entries that get no responses here get fabulous responses at OD, and vice versa. I'm rather fond of my scent entry, though.

9. Assuming you have notes enabled on your entries, why do you like notes?
– Feedback, feedback, feedback! Writing is such a solitary thing, that getting comments without having to sit in a room and read stuff out loud is just wonderful. Also, I don't care if you agree with me or not, but what you think often causes me to think about something in a different way. And sometimes, I like just knowing someone else is reading my words, however perfunctorily.

10. Other journalling sites have different conventions, including reader's choice nominations, weekly theme suggestions, and editor's choice suggestions. Are there any such things you'd like to see implemented here?
– I'm a fan of theme suggestions, even if I don't write directly to themes that are suggested. I think one of the reasons I'm such a survey slut is that questions spark ideas. The one thing I wish LJ had is the OD option of making your favorites (friends) list private.