LASIK UPDATE: Just a Dash of Silicone

Duplicated from my lasik journal.
So, at my two week follow-up visit with Dr. McBride last night, we discussed two things:

1) I still have 0.75 – 1.00 astigmatism in my left eye, which is affecting my best visual acuity. This is far less than I had, but when we do refractions, it really comes out. She wants to wait another six or eight weeks, and see how I am, and then suggest having an 'enhancement' on my left eye. This would mean another surgery, just to correct the astigmatism. The initial fee covered up to two enhancements within the first year, and it's better to do them around the 90-day mark because then it's easy to lift the original flap.

2) My eyes were still really dry, so I now have Punctum Plugs. These are sesame-seed-sized slivers of silicone(dare you to say /that/ three times quickly) that plug the lower tear ducts. The concept here is to retain my own tears, rather than flooding my eyes with drops.

I mentioned, when she was sticking them in, that I'd had chronic ear/nose/throat problems all my life, and she told me about Herrick's theories, that dry eye due to over active drainage can actually /contribute/ to these things.

As always, here are some websites for further info:


Also, Fuzzy agreed with my analysis that just after they do stuff to my eyes, I get moody for several days. Hmmm. Something to work on, I guess.