Someone on Open Diary started this 6 Degrees-ish game where you start with one of the folks on your friends list, and follow links from the people they get notes from. So I thought I'd do that here. Should anyone else choose to play, here are the rules:

1) The first link in your chain must be someone on your friends list.
2) You choose one of their commenters, and read a few of their entries. Leave a note.
3) Select a commenter from that person, and repeat.
4) List the links and any observations of, say, whether you seem to share interests or if there are other commenters whom you recognize, in an entry in your LJ.
5) Don't judge. The idea is to explore the folks read by the folks you read.
6) Avoid following links to people who are already on YOUR friends list.
7) Number of links should be between six and ten.

1) Since I began with on OD, I chose not to begin with her here. Instead, I chose because he's one of the people I read frequently who I'd really like to know better.

2) From there, I visited because this was the only person in the most recent set of comments whom I didn't recognize.

3) . Because of this LJ user, I now know that there's an Edward Gorey community on LJ. Cool.

4) is a name I've seen on several friends lists, but this is the first time I've ever really read any of her stuff. Glad I did.

5) was the next stop. Another person born in '76…I seem to be finding a lot of people who were born in that year, lately.

6) . Yet another person listing Cake among things they listen to. I feel so deprived now, because I've only ever heard /one/ Cake song.

7) . Another person who refers to LKH's Merry Gentry series as 'faerie porn'.

And on that note, since it's bedtime, I've declared my trek over. I've noticed that while OD tends to be more dominated by women, LJ is more equally represented, though average posts are shorter, which is something I always knew anyway.