Today, I Quit My Job.

Well, sort of.
I told the temp agency I was severing my relationship with them because I feel that they're incompetent and irresponsible.
And I sent the actual workplace boss a long email explaining that I liked him, and his company, and would be happy to work directly for him, but I couldn't stay with TempAgency any longer.
And of course, technically, this all happened last night.

If he's willing to negotiate based on the proposal I sent, well, cool. I can live with that.

If not, well, I'm fortunate in that we don't really /need/ two incomes, it just makes things nicer.

And not working would force me to seriously write, and not just play at it. And my mother's been asking me to spend a week in Baja – could fly into Cabo, spend the night at one of the ostentatious waterfront hotels, spend another night in Todos Santos, and then go bask by the Gulf of California for several days. Mmm. Tempting.

And then there's this headhunter who calls me with offers I decline, at least once a month.

So, no matter what happens, life should be interesting.
And oddly, I feel at peace.