Weekend Updates

I have this rule that I have to do one productive thing every day, and this weekend I've had to really stretch things to meet that rule. Well, I did clean out my closet, sort of, and I did do the banking I meant to do, so I guess that's two things. But today, I've done next to nothing.

My allergies have been acting up since Friday, and yesterday and today I was forced to take actifed. Well, the generic version. Actifed makes me sleepy and grumpy and dehydrates me, but at least when I use it I'm not nauseous from mucous and I can breathe. But I took it yesterday on an empty stomach, and it sent me into such a spin that I've slept away most of my weekend time.

It was cool and damp and stormy on Friday and Saturday. I love that weather. Most of the time I find in invigorating and inspiring.

This weekend, we indulged the dogs by giving them bully sticks. Bully sticks are to dogs what chocolate is to women. Heaven in chewable form. (If you're not a dog owner, you'll find it gross, but bully sticks are basted meat, baked and dehydrated. Specifically, they're made from the parts that bulls have, and cows don't. They're smelly, and dogs /love/ them.)

Well, at least the dogs did something fun.

Neither of us have felt well all weekend, and Friday night I picked a fight with Fuzzy because he was supposed to be home at a specific time and wasn't, and didn't call, and I was already pissed because C-dog ate one of my black t-shirts. Brand new. Never even been warn, and now it's a rag.

So she spent most of Friday night on the deck, alone, until I was calm enough to let her in without yelling at her.

I'm ashamed at myself, because at one point I wanted to hit her. (I didn't. I would never hit an an animal. I don't even believe in spanking children.) But really, it's not her fault. She was out of chewies, and was trying to tell me. And, after all, puppies exist to teach humans to put things away.

Many of my friends, co-journallers, etc, have commented that they've been unusually moody this month, and I've noticed that I myself have been downright bitchy. And I hate that I can't control this bitchiness. I only hope that it's an April thing, and will go away when the month changes.

In other news, the job thing is solved. I'm now an independent contractor (yay me), and though they didn't agree to my salary proposal, they countered with something that's actually more fair, and works out better for me.


Is it May yet?