“It Looks Like Hotel Furniture”

…I complained to Fuzzy as the Levitz guys finished assembling our new bedroom set. I think this is because there's no footboard, and because there are semi-circular depressions instead of actual drawer pulls.

And the lights in the light bridge are too bright.

And we had to switch sides, because the new dresser has a mirror, and after having mirror-less dressers for seven years, I wanted the mirror to remain attached.

Okay, this reasoning is rather convoluted.

Anyway, I'd prefer it if the wood didn't smell like, well, wood. It's already given me a headache, on top of the headache I woke up with. I napped for four hours after my shower, and then we finally left the house, but all I really want to do is stay home tomorrow and rest.

Zorro seems to be stable, finally, he was still seizing this morning, after /three/ doses of valium. Poor doggy. Now he's just exhausted.

Cleo's still sick…we've put her on a fast til tomorrow morning. She doesn't seem to care, and I'm wondering if her recent 'accidents' are really manifestations of separation anxiety and lonliness.

And I'm craving egg products: Egg salad, fried egg sandwiches…devilled eggs. And I feel totally dehydrated. Argh.

Quite obviously, I've thrown coherence out the window so I'm ending this now.