That's what our little veterinary excursion cost. Have I mentioned that I love Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic? They're small, and staffed almost exclusively by women, and so /nice/. Cleo tries to eat fingers when we bring her there, and, yes Dr. Compton did write WILL BITE in large glowing letters on the front of her file, but she only snaps, never touches actual skin. And the others just think she's cute and feisty.

Zorro, on the other hand, is a gem at the vet. He just lets them poke and prod and palpitate, with no complaints. He won't even eat the treats they offer, just gives a slight wag of the tip of his tail and then asks to go home.

Even today, post-ictal and punky, he was laid back and calm. He lucked out with the thermometer – they used the in-the-ear one – and I was pleased that they didn't lecture about us not using pheno any more. Well, it doesn't help him at all and it causes liver damage after prolonged use.

So, we came home with 2 cc's of valium and 4 syringes, and so far we've used 0.5 cc's of the stuff, because he had a seizure right when I logged onto the net. And now that he's been dosed, I'm gonna go take a nap, so that later tonight when I have to move furniture, my brain and body will function.

New bed at nine am. WOOHOO!