An Exercise in Futility

28 Plays Later – Challenge # 6

Today (February 5th) is in celebration of the 100th year anniversary of Women first being given the vote in the UK. However, we’re also going to acknowledge that women didn’t actually get equal voting rights to men until 1928, so today’s prompt is: ‘Still Not Equal.’

And to reflect modern times, I’d love you to write it in the style of a farce, if you like (or whatever you conceive to be farce in these days)!

Notes: This isn’t a farce. It’s just a bit of frustration that’s probably a shitty first draft of something else. I wasn’t really feeling this prompt. I’m sharing it anyway, because I’m enjoying documenting the process, including the parts of it that didn’t work, because they’re honing my writing voice.

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An Exercise in Futility



MARCI (pointing to a calendar tacked to the side of the cubical): Oh, that’s not extreme. We can still do a normal renewal within a year. If it was really extreme, we’d have to start from scratch. (Types into a computer). So, what I need from you is the renewal application, your current ID card – it is just ID? – and your social security card.

KAREN: Well, I did the application online (hands it over), and of course I have my old ID (hands that over, too) but I managed to lose my social security card somewhere inside my house, but your website said I could bring my W-2, so I did that, and…

MARCI: That’s fine. We just need to verify your social security number. (She spends several seconds typing into her computer.) You don’t drive?

KAREN: No, like I said, it’s just ID. I have… I have issues with depth perception, and tracking moving obj –

MARCI (cutting her off): Oh, that’s fine, I’m just confirming. You don’t have to do an eye-test since this is just ID.

KAREN: Well, yes, I knew that.

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2018-06 – An Exercise in Futility