Springing into Spring

Do you ever feel like you’re so out of sync that what you’re doing completely doesn’t match up with the imaginary closed captioning says you’re doing. Or saying?

I’ve felt like that for the past two weeks, and while most of that is due to flu and assorted medications which eased the symptoms of flu, I need to take some drastic measures to find ME again.

Today I woke up energizes and smiling, and I greeted the sun with fond wishes.
I had a lovely chat with my mother on the phone, and a lovely online chat with a friend who is embracing her own positive changes.

Then I made a banana and peach smoothie, and drank it while doing the little bit of work that needed to be done today.

I took both dogs out for walkies in the crisp sunshine, even Zorro who still has a cough. I let him set the pace, and he was fine, and didn’t cough at all til we were back at home. (I now wonder how much of his coughing is real and how much is a pathetic plea for attention.)

I came home and had a lovely chat with AT&T nee Cingular, about condensing my plan, and they saved me $30 instantly, and in May I can drop the second line, and upgrade to the Blackjack II (in RED), and then in July I can cancel or downgrade the data card plan.

I ate leftover Pad Thai for lunch with a bottle of cool water, and then went upstairs and did a dance warmup (isolations and stretches) and lifted weights (just one set of each, at thirty pounds, because my chest is still congested, and after two weeks of doing nothing that was enough to make me sweat.)

I did a bunch of crunches and more stretching and am drinking another bottle of water.

And tonight we’re going to the bookstore where I am buying the Martha’s Vinyard Detox book and on Sunday I will begin a 21 day juice-and-pureed veggies detox fast, because I feel like I’m laden with chemicals, and it’s not good.

Chemicals on hair, okay. Chemicals in body, not okay.

On the 15th we are bleaching my hair all the way out and dying it entirely Atomic Pink with nothing to ground it, and I may cut it as well.

I am very excited.

And energized.

And change is good.