Monday Music Mambo – Feelin’ Green

Today’s questions from the Monday Music Mambo are about Irish bands:

1. What is your favorite traditional Irish artist or band?
2. What is your favorite non-traditional Irish artist or band?
3. What is your favorite instrument used in Irish music?

They’re old school, but I grew up listening to the Chieftains and they’re music is still among my favorite. Do they count as traditional or not? I have no idea. I’d say they count as both since they’ve been through several incarnations.

As to my favorite instrument? Other than the human voice, I’d have to say the fiddle. Fiddle music is always so merry and bright and while technically the same instrument, the style of music is so much freer than the much more formal classically played violin.

I love cello, but part of me wishes I’d studied violin, just so I could play fiddle music.