Feeling Very Vermont-y

It was a day of cold grayness, but since I’m feeling better, persistent cough notwithstanding, and since the furnace is working, I worked in the living room and watched Cleo watching bunnies scamper across the front yard, and every so often I joined her at the window to see if it had started snowing yet. Sadly, the rain didn’t turn into fluffy white stuff until after sunset, but we have about half an inch on our deck, which, for Texas in March, is more than enough.

I found myself thinking about making a fire (but never got to it) and humming S-N-O-W from White Christmas, because really, what is inclement weather without a cheesy musical adding to the fun?

I spend a good hour researching computer mice, because both my laptops are having mouse issues. No, that’s not true. My PinkBook is fine, I just don’t like the faux right-click that I’ve had to embrace, and while I did buy a cute external mouse for that machine, the rolltop desk downstairs really has zero mousespace whatsoever.

My Vaio, on the other hand, is approaching the two year point, and I know the mouse issues are because I let it overheat one too many times, and most of the time it’s fine, but even my cute ring mouse is beginning to fade, when I remember that I have it and plug it in at all.

And on that note, I need to get some sleep, as we have an early day tomorrow.

Finally, I need to replace the trackball on my desktop machine, which currently has one of Fuzzy’s old mice attached to it. I’m not a fan of mice that require movement – the trackball and I got along so much better – but I killed my last trackball during a period when money was excruciatingly tight and never got around to replacing it, and now I’m at the point where I really have no idea what I want.

Suggestions are welcome.

In other news, tomorrow is the Texas primary, and since we were tucked up sick in bed during the entire week of early voting, we actually are doing our thing on the actual day. I learned tonight that the democratic and republican primaries in our precinct are in separate locations.

Texas confused me when we moved here four years ago because I’d never encountered voter registration that didn’t require you to declare a party before; here you don’t declare when you register, but your vote in the first election of any year determines what you’re listed at for the rest of the year. Or at least, your vote in the primary does.

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  1. In MA, even tho in my heart I am in independent…I must register as either Democrat or Republican in order to vote. GAH!

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