Or actually, Eee-Pc. I don’t need another laptop but these are so inexpensive I’m tempted to buy one just to fiddle with. What are they?

Linux-based ultra-portable notebooks with SSD storage, 7″ screens, and built-in wifi, cameras, and microphones.

And did I mention they come in pink?


One thought on “Eeeeeeeeeeeee

  1. I’m kinda tempted by it as well. Haven’t seen it up here in the Great White North, but as a mobile machine, I don’t see much out there that can beat it. It’s sorta distantly like the One Laptop Per Child concept, only in an actually available form.

    Asus is making plans to release a Windows version of the machine. It’ll cost close to twice the MSRP of the Linux-based box. I don’t see the point: I think it would be a hoot to have a tiny, efficient, dirt cheap linux-based laptop.

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