Target is Dangerous

I have new lights for my shrubs as of last night, and the net lights I found at Target were actually cheaper than the similar sets from Home Depot, but then there were all these other things that somehow managed to get in the cart and come home with me.

*blinks innocently*

Included among the unplanned acquisitions:
– a set of those snowflake lights, to hang in the front tree.
– a pair of silver ornaments that I can’t describe because my mother reads my blog, and one is for her
– six stockings with a gold glitter pen for decoration
– butter cookies, the ones in the blue tins, because they’re good to have around “just in case” and because I like the tins
– a wreath hanger for the door – we HAD one, but it hasn’t been seen since 2003. I suspect we left it in California.
– a couple of unmentionable kitchen things, also for my mother, with dupes for me
– a nonfat peppermint mocha

Okay, the last item wasn’t from Target, but it was the perfect end-cap to the shopping portion of the evening. Then we came home and had grilled salmon and a Caesar salad and watched Heroes.