Color Coordination

I don’t know what other people do on Sunday evenings, but we spend ours at PetsMart and the grocery store, where we spent more than ever on groceries, although, admittedly, some of them were things we don’t buy often, like hand soap for the kitchen sink, and bottles of lotion and bubble bath. Also, I was trying to stock the fridge so we could curl up on Wednesday night with movies, and not leave again til Monday, unless we choose to (we might go see August Rush, and we’ll probably drive through Prairie Lights.)

We came home, and I immediately put a load of underwear into the washer, which got me thinking. I like pretty underwear. I’m not so much into fine lingerie, though I have some pieces that are nicer than others, but while much of my collection is cotton, it’s pretty cotton.

It’s also color coordinating cotton. Yes, now you know – all of my underwear matches my outfits. Oh, I have old stuff with the elastic all scrungy that I wear during certain times of the month, but generally speaking, I wear bright colors that go with whatever else I’m wearing. Partly, this is a holdover from my grandmother, who always admonished us to make the bed “in case the house is robbed” and wear clean underwear “in case you’re in an accident.” Because, you know, thieves only attack messy houses, and EMTs leave you stranded if your underwear isn’t fresh.

My favorite red and black and grey striped bra recently died, and I’ve yet to replace it, so I’ve added that to my list of things I need. I also need two pairs of tights (red and black) to go with a jumper I bought. And bathing caps. And and and…

And I think the dryer just beeped, so I need to go rescue the underwear.

3 thoughts on “Color Coordination

  1. Ah yes, color coordination from skin to eye. I am very familiar with this and I love my lingerie drawer. I mean really love; the shades united together, the bras styles in progressive harmony, (soft hold to strong hold), and an over the top heart sachet, a gift from a job leaving. (How did they know I was into Victoria?) Happy shopping for your replacement lovelies.
    Color is math and math is the universe!

  2. I just buy all one color underwear–black–because I figure only one other person is going to see it, and if he doesn’t like it, he’ll get over it.

    Funny, my mom used to say the same thing about clean underwear and was horrified to learn that if you ARE in an accident, it probably won’t be clean by the time you get to the ER. Then we told her the people in the ERs notice your foot hygiene more, so she got obsessive about her toenails for a long, long time LOL

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