An Hour Can Be Awfully Fast

…when you spend it on stage. I’d only done one all-star show with CSZ before tonight, and that one wasn’t really the same, as there were five of us, and we arranged who would play in which game. Tonight was a learning experience, but it was also fun, and there was a sense of camaraderie that isn’t quite as strong during a normal show. Also, I learned that being the only woman on stage can be a blast.

We played (in roughly this order): Story (with 2 volunteers), Interrogation, Blind Line (we had great suggestions), Changing Emotions and Styles, Audience SFX, Dinner at Joe’s, Five Things, and 185. I need to be more aggressive, louder, and work on setting things up, a lot. The audience loved the show, and I felt like I didn’t completely suck, even in 185 – especially in 185.

I know that there are other players who are better than I am, and more likely to be given shots at remotes and special shows, but I’m really glad I got to do this one.