Sleepy Sunday

We’d meant to go to church today, really, but it didn’t happen, as it hasn’t happened for various reasons, since January. I’m just…not feeling it. And Fuzzy doesn’t push, or say what he feels.

Skin still hurts, though now only in a couple places where the sunburn was on the border of being 2nd degree. Alas, one of those places is where most of my bras hits. Spent the day wrapped in soft cotton, and slathering myself with Aloe. Am peeling anyway. It happens, I guess.

Actually wrote something today. Go read it at Universal Blend. Leave comments, please.

Have been groggy and restless and cold, then hot, then cold again, all day. Chatted with my parents. They loved the party we paid for, and the gift, and the thought.

Fuzzy brought me wonderful chili rellenos for dinner. I love Mexican food.

I think I’m going to watch the end of Blood Ties and then turn out the light.