Thursday Thirteen: 0704.12

Thirteen Things about MissMeliss

13 Things That Begin with B with a nod to Janet for the inspiration.

  1. Bach: He wrote some amazing cello suites – unaccompanied cello suites. Gotta love that.
  2. Baking: I learned pastries and cookies from my mother, but my grandfather got me hooked on serious bread making. There’s something so comforting about kneading dough.
  3. Beethoven: My other favorite composer.
  4. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Only the most interesting perfume oils ever. And their website is as good as their product.
  5. Blogging: I was never good at keeping paper journals. I’ve managed to keep up with a blog (in some form or another) since April, 2001.
  6. Blue: The color of the ocean, the sky, and Fuzzy’s eyes.
  7. Board games: The problem with being an only child is that there isn’t a huge opportunity for game playing, but I still love board games. Thankfully, Fuzzy’s family does also. (Scrabble and Clue are my all-time favorites.)
  8. Boats: One of my fantasies is to be part of a bare boat cruise, but I like boats even if I’m not on them. I’m partial to wooden boats, and sail boats, but it’s appropriate that I mention grand old luxury liners like the Titanic since she went down on this date, almost a century ago.
  9. Books: I find the magic of printed words on paper irresistible.
  10. Bookstores: While I do sometimes use Amazon, I much prefer to browse in actual bookstores. I like hanging in the cafe, surrounded by other readers, but I like the book-related gifty things as much as the books. Especially the papers and blank notebooks.
  11. Bourbon: This requires no explanation.
  12. Braids: I suck at doing my own hair, but braids are my favorite hair style. Any kind of braid – one on either side (standard, or French), a single one, down the back, whatever. If I knew someone who’d do it, I’d get cornrows for summer. I’ve always wanted them. Sadly, I don’t think I have the right kind of hair for them not to result in a tangled mess.
  13. Brie: I’ve been in love with triple creme cheeses since I was six. Brie’s my favorite. Sharp, runny, satisfying…special.

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