Tripping: Soulful Russians and Broken Planes

– Plane took off on time, arrived in SJC early.
– Met by The Fabulous Klae,
– Sipped cappucino and ate pumpkin ravioli at Restaurant.
– Wandered around the new and improved Eastridge Mall
– Met Klae’s housemate and their massive grey cat.
– Went to the Elephant Bar in Fremont, for frou-frou cocktails and yummy polynesian food, and yummier hangout time with Klae, Jeremy and Linda.
– Returned to hotel. Soaked in jacuzzi tub. Went to bed.

– Woke at seven. Took blissful shower. Soap smelled vaguely of gardenias.
– Read book and nibbled on free breakfast (scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit, coffee, juice)
– Took cab to Office.
– Had lovely chat with Russian cab-driver who played his friend’s jazz cd and told me a sweet love story.
– Played three rounds of Ms. Pac-Man at office, then nibbled on smoked almonds and sipped diet coke while in training meeting.
– Also quietly lusted after hot Canadian expert.
– Had lovely Asian chicken salad: Grilled chicken, spring greens, avocado, jicama, shrimp, pear, and a red bean dressing
– More training
– Got back to hotel @ 6:30
– Met other friends (Liz, Brett) for dinner (thanks guys) and viewing of Liz’s amazing jewelry.
– Stayed up til midnight even though wake-up call was for four.
– Finally slept.

– Woke at four. Surfed net for twenty minutes, then showered.
– Nibbled on leftover cheesecake from Weds. evening, that had frozen in room fridge.
– Drank scary coffee.
– Left for airport, chauffered by soulful Russian shuttle driver. He complimented my accent. (I only know about ten words of Russian)
– Drank chai and ate breakfast burrito from charming airport deli while waiting for plane.
– Plane before ours takes off from our gate. Returns 15 minutes later. Broken.
– We are sent to skanky basement gate.
– Our plane is also broken.
– Weather ensues.
– Our flight and flight after are cancelled.
– Frantically call, then text, Fuzzy to post a note on CSz message board, telling them I’m delayed and can’t play. Am frustrated as whole reason for early morning flight back in the FIRST place was so that I’d be home in time for show. Grr. Argh.
– Get re-booked on 5pm nonstop from SJC to DFW, after refusing to take a SouthWest flight to LAX and connect there.
– Go retrieve baggage. Re-check in. Desk agent finds me a seat on an earlier nonstop flight. Aisle seat.
– I declare my love for desk agent in loud attention-getting voice.
– Klae rescues me for a bit more hangout time.
– Upon return to airport find that security line goes to escalator.
– Get routed into shorter security line.
– Am subject to luggage search because of my re-bookings.
– Friendly TSA agent pats me down, while complimenting my cargo-pant jeans and asking if my black suede Ecco’s are comfy.
– Old tube of lotion I’d forgotten was in bottom of bag gets confiscated. “You can keep it if you put it in a Ziplock Bag” she says.
– Leave area wondering what magical properties ZipLock bags contain, since apparently sticking stuff into them renders stuff safe.
– More chai
– Chat with fellow traveler to DFW from my original flight. She did not profess her love of the gate agent, and therefore has a middle seat on the 5 PM flight. Still.
– Plane takes off fifteen minutes late.
– Plane arrives five minutes early.
– Plane sits on tarmac for 32 minutes because other plane is hogging our gate.
– It is pointed out that there are 160 gates, many of which are available, and didn’t they call ahead to reserve a spot?
– Plane finally meets jetway.
– Ahhh freedom. And a clean toilet.
– Find bag. Find Fuzzy. Find food.
– Find that own bed and cute doggies and sweet spouse are better than cheesecake.

I did this in list format because it was quicker. Feel free to request expansions of any item. Have a great day.

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  1. Mmmm, pumpkin ravioli sounds delicious! Yes please!

    I agree, there’s nothing better then your own bed, filled with spouse and puppies, after a trip.

    Here from Michele’s.

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