Basic Black, Classic Blue

Last night, surfing the feeds that Google Reader had pulled for me, I came across the Improv Resource Center, which was a new site for me. Bored, I surfed the message boards there, and became engrossed in a thread about what various improvisers like to wear on stage.

I’ve seen troupes with matching t-shirts, and troupes who just wore whatever. At ComedySportz, obviously, there is no choice, but for late shows, those who participate wear black t-shirts and jeans.

Aside from giving a sense of uniformity while still offering some style options – there are many types of jeans and varieties of black t-shirts – I think it’s a classic casual look. Black t-shirts and blue denim have become my default mode of dress, actually, when I’m home working, because I’m “dressed” enough to be in a mental “workspace” but it’s not at all corporate. With the right earrings, or lipstick color, a woman in a black t-shirt can be edgy, saucy, flirty, sexy, or just fun. And men in black t-shirts tend to look hot no matter how pasty their winter skin tone.

Basic black, classic blue.
What could be better?