The only word for how I feel right now is “exhausted.”

Saturday was spent at home, and while it was mostly reading and puttering, I spent the morning trying not to sneeze, and have, in fact, been hopped up on antihistamines most of the weekend. I was fine by the time we got to the Arena Saturday night, where I made the seating chart, and seated people and worked door, and Fuzzy kindly ran the bar. It was a good show, and it was nice to WATCH for a change.

This morning, we tried valiantly to sleep but between one and six AM the dogs were up every half hour, and we ended up sleeping through the alarms and missing church. Fuzzy finally woke around 10:30, showered, dressed and went to look at video cards, then came back to get me, at 12:30. By this time I’d also showered and dressed, and we headed off for Starbucks (aka “breakfast”) and then to the Arena for a rare Sunday show (a father/son service group had bought out the theatre), in which only five of us (plus sound) played. It was a little weird, as no one had done a “remote” that wasn’t really “remote” so it was more improvised than we even expected it to be, but it was fun, if tiring. I’m glad I got to do it.

We all went to lunch, after, and then most of us returned to the arena for a pre-workshop workshop (it was the easiest way to kill 45 minutes), and then segued into workshop which wasn’t my best work but was helpful nevertheless. I find that I’m learning as much by watching as by doing.

We went out after THAT for dessert and nibbles, but since the potato at lunch was all I’d eaten, and I’m always uber-hungry at that time of the month, which it became during workshop, I had a cheeseburger.

We stopped for juice and stuff on the way home, and finally got back to the house about ten.

I’m tired now, exhausted mentally and physical, but in a satisfying way. I think I might even turn out the light now.