Thursday Thirteen: 0702.22

Thirteen Things about MissMeliss

13 of my favorite Flowers

  1. Classic Daisies: While they may seem ordinary, there’s something inherently cheerful about them.
  2. Irises: Tall, striking, and yet rather simple. I realize they’re technically blue, but I interpret them as purple. Either way, I find there’s nothing quite so elegant as a tall rectangular vase of irises.
  3. Carnations: Natural carnations have this amazing clove scent, and actually do come in a few interesting colors. The dyed ones are fun in a different way. For Christmas 2006, I had red and white carnations in a 2:1 ratio in vases throughout the house.
  4. Stargazer Lilies: Can you tell I favor tropicals and exotics? Stargazers are riveting. And their fragrance isn’t heavy enough to be cloying.
  5. Calla Lilies: I’m not sure if it’s the work of Mapplethorpe or other influences, but Calla Lilies always make me smile. Again, elegant, they remind me of crisp white linen, with a punch of yellow for emphasis.
  6. Tulips: I’m forcing some right now because I forgot to refrigerate them. Tulips are just sexy, and not because of the old organ joke, either.
  7. Daffodils: Cheery. Yellow. Stalky. Daffodils mean springtime to me, and remind me of a favorite title rep who always used to gift us with them for Daffodil Days.
  8. Orchids: These sensitive exotics first came into my life through a certain fictional detective, Nero Wolfe. Since then, I’ve tried a few times to keep them alive, but I’m not that skilled.
  9. Gerbera Daisies: Bolder and brighter than their more pedestrian cousins, these happy flowers always make me smile.
  10. Morning Glories: These are somewhat of a family favorite – my grandmother got us all hooked on them. I’ve yet to plant them here in Texas, though I have seeds waiting to be set into the earth. I need to figure out where to put the lattice, first – probably outside my bathroom window, since it gets first light.
  11. Petunias: Probably the easiest flower to grow, and great for landscaping, because you can pack them close together and they thrive. They come in more colors than most people realize.
  12. African Violets: were another of my grandmother’s favorites, she would cheerfully talk to hers and pet the undersides of their leaves with extreme gentleness as she misted them each morning. Their tiny blossoms are really just precious.
  13. Sunflowers: Bold, vibrant, and wild, these are my very favorite flower, and Fuzzy laughs at me when I tell him so. He thinks flowers should be flashier, I guess. What I love about sunflowers, though, is that they’re resilient, and they’re everywhere – along highways from SoDak down to Texas, along the edges of fields in California, and even in sand dunes in parts of New Jersey.

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