I keep forgetting which time zone I’m in. I woke around 6:30 CST yesterday to get to the airport for an 11:00 flight. We got there around nine – could have waited another forty minutes very comfortably.

Plane was packed, and I was stuck in a middle seat, but I got LUCKY and the aisle passenger never showed. We were the only row with an empty seat, and it was nice to have the extra space.

We landed about twenty minutes early, which meant I didn’t have to rush, but could use the restroom before trekking to baggage claim. Clay and I had already talked. SJC has a cell phone parking area, where people can wait until their arriving folks call and say, “Got my bags, start driving.” I think this is very cool.

We went to lunch at Restaurant where he made me a yummy dry cappucino and I had ravioli con zucca, or pumpkin ravioli with a sage walnut sauce. Yummy. Unlike Pasta Pomodoro, where they use butternut squash instead of actual pumpkin, this was real, authentic, and NOT SWEET. Yay for not sweet.

Bummed around the new and improved Eastridge mall. Barnes and Noble is lovely. Bought nothing. Well. Bought a chai at the courtyard Starbucks. We talked about improv and inspiration, and such. Saw Clay’s house for the first time. Got a quick net fix. Then we drove up to Fremont for dinner at the Elephant Bar with Jeremy and Linda. Much fun, and too much food, but oh, soo good. (I had the macademia nut crusted mahi mahi, if you must know.)

Tumbled into bed at hotel around 11. Woke at five, then six, then finally gave up trying to sleep at 6:30.

Had breakfast (eggs, bacon, home fries, juice, COFFEEE) here at hotel, and am killing the last ten minutes before my ride to work arrives.

Kind of weird being in hotel literally around the corner from where I used to live. I miss this neighborhood so much. But I don’t miss the stress and the expense. Not at all.


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