I know it’s sappy

…but the Pedigree Adoption Drive commercials with all the pound puppies, always makes me teary.

Maybe it’s because Zorro was discarded by his original family, due to his epilepsy.

So consider this a PSA: Until there are none, adopt one, and please spay or neuter your pets.

4 thoughts on “I know it’s sappy

  1. I get the same way with the Dogs Trust commercials. All of our dogs when I was growing up were rescues of one type or another, and it just breaks my heart that I can’t adopt one (or fifty) now.

  2. I’m kinda the same way about adult cats. Everyone wants kittens and some really great cats just languish because people want “cute.” Phooey. I adopted my Skeeter when he was 8 – he previous family brought him to the vet to have him put to sleep because he has FLUTD. And you know what? he’s never had a single problem in the 6 years I’ve had him. He’s such a sweet little old guy now. His feet are creaky and he’d rather sleep in my lap than climb up the curtains, but I consider that a good thing.

    Anyway… enough about me…

  3. I think we need to use genetic engineering so that cats and dogs would never mature past the puppy/kitten stage. Then everybody would want one and they’d never reproduce naturally. Lots of demand and a supply that is based on need not nature. Give it some thought, Melissa.

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