Off with her head!

It shouldn’t be surprising that this toy was featured by Dave Barry last year. After all, he’s always been one to know about the edgy, the subversive, the just plain disturbing. (And I swear I’m not making that up.)

It also shouldn’t be surprising that I first heard of this toy, not from Mr. Barry’s column, but from my friend The Fabulous Klae, who is just as much in the know as any Miami humorist, and also makes amazing cappuccino. (He does Improv, is on the hot-button of the Funny, and makes espresso drinks. *Swoon*)

What is surprising is that I, who have never really been a doll person, since purging my house of Barbie dolls at the age of ten, and who really doesn’t need any more small cluttery items that might be tempting to chew-happy dogs, am intrigued by this doll. I think it could be an excellent stress reducer, for one thing. Or even a bizarre kind of weapon. (“But Mooooom, she shot a HEAD at me.”)

You can order the very fine Marie Antoinette Action Figure here.

4 thoughts on “Off with her head!

  1. That is both weird and cool :-) If they had dolls like this when I was a kid then maybe I would have liked one!

    Here from Michele’s.

  2. LOL! Please, whatever you do, don’t tell my kids about this doll. Then again, don’t tell my dogs either. :) I can see them running around with the heads in their mouths.

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