Aureus, Always Aureus

I’m beginning to think someone somewhere really wants me to fall in love with BPAL‘s scent called “Aureus.”

I say this because not only was it among a mystery pack I ordered from the forum, but it was a frimp (that’s free imp, or free sample) in my first BPAL order, as well as in my 3rd, which just arrived today. And this isn’t bad, exactly, except that it’s a bit to light and happy for me, and I keep giving away the imps I have of it, only to receive another.

The actual order was a bottle of Intrigue, and imps of Dee, Eclipse, Jolly Roger, Queen, Queen Mab, and Thaleia. Frimps (in addition to the afore-mentioned Aureus) are La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente, and Thalia.

The excitement of a new box of BPAL, btw, has boosted what started out as a great weekend. First, despite being in a blue funk, I fought through it and we had a great show last night. Then, last night over spinach and mushroom omelettes at IHOP, the waitress complimented my hair, and this morning, not only did I get to have a relaxing facial but I had my free eyebrow waxing, and Jennifer did an amazing job, though I’ll miss Monica.

Following that, I hung out at Barnes and Noble in Cedar Hill, nibbling on a cheese and tomato panini and sipping an iced latte – yay for the return of sun and mild weather. I also bought books, which will eventually appear over on the bookblog, including two which were signed by their respective authors, who were in the store celebrating Black History Month. Both were warm gregarious people, and invited me to email them with my thoughts, after I’d read their work. In a perfect display of balance, one author is male, the other female, one book is non-fiction, the other a novel. And then there was the OTHER $84 I spent on books.

There was a side-trip to Bath and Body Works, where I bought four bottles of antibacterial hand soap for $10 (total, not each), and, there was also the aquisition of pink lip gloss (‘grapefruit’) from Aveda while I was there.

Back at B&N, I also bought the latest offering from the Gipsy Kings, one of my favorite musical groups ever, because they always sound so soulful and lusty in that loving life and sexy but not particularly sexual way.

I’m off to shower now, and then will go help out at CSz.

Yay sunshine, yay weekend, yay music, yay perfume, yay improv, yay me!

2 thoughts on “Aureus, Always Aureus

  1. Um…have you tried Aveda’s calming tea? OMG. That’s all I can say. I love it!

    Aureus didn’t do much for me, either. Today I’m wearing Midnight Mass and layered it with Le Couvent des Minimes moisturizing body milk in honey & shea…oooh lovely!

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