Presents, Parties, and Precipitation

Last night after rehearsal, we walked outside to find a soaking rainfall and warm (for December) weather, and the combination of the moist air and the music buzz blended with the soft twinkle of the lights on all the houses, and made me smile. Almost, I wish we had glittery lights all year, but only almost. Some things are more special for being rare. Today, I sat at a window-facing table while I ate my lunch, and watched the rain outside, and read a bit, enjoying the quiet. I love rain.

This morning, I was welcomed onto my new team at work with a Secret Santa gift, and many many smiles. How many people walk onto their first day of a job and find a present waiting? (Actually, they'd also made sure my desk was stocked with a calendar, pens, and post-it notes, which nearly made up for the extremely boring day I spent watching people fill out forms, since IT hadn't yet granted me network access.)

At the end of the day, I also learned that all of the people in my new hire class HAD been added to the list for the company Christmas party, with each of us allowed a guest. I'm not sure how I'll get in, if I don't have an access badge (we're supposed to show them) by then, but it means a lot that they included us. I'm hoping this is a trend and not a fluke. (Last night's email held a party invitation for an event hosted by friends, and while I'm always horribly shy at parties, I'm really looking forward to this one.)

Parties, presents, and precipitation – I wish all Wednesdays were this wonderful.

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