Two days into the new job, and so far all I've done is attend orientation classes. I now have more passwords and numbers than any human needs, and have learned much about the company's history and culture, and confirmed that yes, I will get paid on Thursday (not bad, really, to have your first day on Monday, and know on Tuesday by looking it up on the corporate website, what your check amount will be.)

I'm so beyond tired that I have no energy to write, no energy to think, and barely enough energy to shower, but I came home to find that Fuzzy had gifted me with a second tivo unit, which resides in our bedroom. So, yes, we are now a two-tivo household, but I'm too tired to watch anything, and I'm trying desperately not to let this sinus infection/cold/allergy/thing get a real hold on me, because Sunday is Lessons & Carols, and I don't want to miss singing. (Upside: When I'm congested, I can sing higher.)

I've been distracted for days – weeks – which is why I'm not haunting other blogs so much right now. I need to get a replacement check out to a certain Jam Maker (the original one came back to me today, by the way – I'd put MY zip code from when I lived in CA on the envelope (don't know why), and forgotten to put a stamp on it – I am NEVER that out of it, and can only blame the fact that I was about to go on a trip, at the time.

Tomorrow, I report to my actual manager, who has asked me to shadow one of the people who is already doing my job, which I'm not looking forward to, because I'd rather jump in and DO stuff. But, the desks are spacious, and I've met the members of my team, and they seem nice enough.

I had a thought, when I sat down tonight, but do I remember it? No. Argh!

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