I seem to be short on time, short on sleep, and short tempered this week, which is sort of ironic since there's no real stress in my life, except a sore throat I can't shake.

At work, it's day five, and I'm still passwordless, though I think we're making progress. At home, Christmas cards (batch three) are still awaiting postage – sorry, folks some of you will have to wait til after Christmas, as they're going out tomorrow.

My short term memory is blink this week – I keep forgetting Christmas is THIS Sunday, not NEXT Sunday. Somehow, the pattern of days feels 'off' somehow, as if we skipped a whole week somewhere, or something. I realize it's probably just me acclimating to working again, but it's rather disconcerting.

I'm short on patience. A friend questioned why I greeted her then immediately left. While that isn't quite what happened (I asked how she was and got a two word response, I think.), I should have been more patient, but you know, the alternative would have been to idle out, rather than say goodbye, and HER short answer gave the impression she didn't wish to talk. So, for the record, I apologize for being a little TOO short, when explaining myself and then declaring that I simply wouldn't greet any more, but I am only accepting 50% of the responsibility for any further grief. (Which I'm too short on time, to have, actually.)

Next week, I only work three days. THIS week, however, cannot be short enough. I'm tired, and need a break that is NOT short.

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