Let there be Lights

Last weekend we received the annual invitation to the Christmas celebration in the park near our house (but we've got dinner guests coming that night), and strong encouragement to wrap the trunks of our curbside trees in lights, if nothing else.

Yesterday, I spent a pleasant hour bedecking the hedges and trees with white twinkle-lights, enjoying the brisk afternoon, even though my fingers and nose became uncomfortably cold. Not that I have much to complain about weather-wise. It's been dry, windy, and cool, but not really COLD for the last week. We need rain. I think we're all craving it, actually, because everything feels parched, but at least it's not hot.

Still, when I came in from playing with the lights yesterday, I would have enjoyed a crackling fire and a mug of hot chocolate. Instead, I cleared most of the music from my Zen Micro and replaced it with Christmas tunes, mostly gleaned from Napster's playlists-to-go (I love that feature).

Now, I'm sitting here sipping coffee and trying to make myself focus on ANYTHING (I'm having a bad brain day), and polishing the Christmas card list. (This is your last opportunity. If you either want MY address or want me to have yours, please email melissa AT missmeliss DOT com. )

I had all these pretty words to describe the lights and the weather, but I'm so unfocussed that pretty words just aren't happening. Sorry about that. Interesting stuff will follow eventually.

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