Festive & Restive

It's been a weekend of extremes –

Yesterday morning was extremely musical, with a rehearsal that lasted almost half an hour longer than was scheduled. There was much laughter, clandestine coffee drinking, and some actual rehearsing, as well, and I'm beginning to really enjoy a lot of the music we're doing.

Yesterday afternoon was extremely hectic, as we visited Target (for snack trays and a crock pot), Starbucks (for a new coffee maker, as I only had my little French press) and Albertsons, for last minute forgotten items, before having friends over for dinner. It was a delightful evening, and the house felt festive and alive.

Today, partly from too much sugar yesterday, and partly from nerves about tomorrow's return to Corporate America, I was practically comatose all morning, waking after Fuzzy came home from church to ask him to start laundry, sleeping for another couple of hours beyond that, and then finishing the remaining laundry. Since then, I've read a bit, and watched some cheesy Christmas movies, showered, and almost finished compiling the addresses I need for Christmas cards, which will go out in trickles this week. Not very exciting, but a much needed day of rest.

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