It may be the day before Christmas eve, but it's a balmy 71 outside my bedroom window right now, warmer than it was this morning when we left for work, or even than it was on the ride home. Yay cloud cover.

Somehow, even though the weather is NOT seasonal, I don't mind it. It's giving me a mental lift (or maybe that's the Nyquil, Benadryl, Actifed, and Zircam I've taken over the last 36 hours? NO not all at once.) that I really need as I'm trying to shake this horrible cold/sore throat thing, by tomorrow night, so I can actually sing during midnight mass (which begins at 10:30 here).

The last batch of Christmas cards went out, my major plans for the daylight hours tomorrow involve last minute shopping and having my hair cut and colored, and maybe making gingerbread cookies. We have “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” to watch, and I'm in the middle of a Christmas Snapefic just for kicks. So, it will be a cozy, quiet weekend, which is just what I really need.

May your weekends all bring just what you want.

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