Breaking the Self-imposed Silence

I’m not struggling for words, so much as for time in which I have the energy to write. As September wound to a close we had a blissful day of fall weather, followed by a new pattern of overcast morning skies and toasty afternoons, with the evening low still hovering in the 70’s – cool enough for evening coffee in the back yard, but not cold enough to turn off the a/c at night (our bedroom gets extremely hot during the day.)

Still we’re using the a/c LESS. It’s a start.

In other news, my new gig has gone live.

And finally, with the turning of the month, and the ritual flipping of the calendar page, comes the return of Pumpkin flavored foods, and Halloween decorating. A few of my neigbors have already decorated their lawns for Halloween. I think one should wait through the first week of October. If you have thoughts, feel free to share them.

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